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27th February 2004

caidentity9:54pm: . . . I have a question.

Is it possible to jump from one link to the next without using the 'tab' key?

I'm really glad to have --finally-- learned how to jump from one page to another. My laptop (which is a piece of crap, mind you; it's old and has no space on it, and there's no battery pack) does not have a working mouse, and I've only been able to have one page at a time open on it. Now, I can! Whoo-hoo~! XP
Current Mood: content

10th February 2004

frenchsaywhat2:47am: I just joined. I'm a blank page, really, when it comes to hotkeys and etc, but I sure do hate that damn mouse. So, hence joining.

Maybe you might find this interesting: http://www.zealsoftstudio.com/shortcuts/

- Jude.
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8th February 2004

iamaduck11:22pm: For those of you that don't pay as much attention to the world, like me ;)
If you want, you can use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to manipulate volume on winamp :) If you guys knew this, punch me. I didn't, so I figured that I couldn't be the only one :)
And that is all.. :)!

23rd November 2003

iamaduck1:12pm: I just found out new greatness :)
If you hate your windows key, or if you're like my friend and if you press the windows key by accident in a game and the game crashes...
You can use CTRL-ESC :)
I love hotkeys! They are my friendsssss :)
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15th November 2003

lily225:22pm: *_*
Dude, that was awesome! I never knew you could play solitaire without a mouse until I saw the description for this community. I then proceeded to play an entire game, and I won!

For those of you who don't know me (everyone), that just... doesn't happen. Wow. I still can't believe I won.

Down with mice! XD

...Er, this is a stupid question, but how do you change windows without mice?
Current Mood: accomplished

11th November 2003

spatulistic1:06pm: Shortcut keys...
Programming your own shortcut keys for specific applications is pretty fly.

Like, the standard windows calculator is programmed to the hotkey "Shift+Ctrl+C".

All I have to do is press that simple key combination, and instantly a calculator pops up. Sure beats going all the way to the taskbar, clicking on start, programs, accessories, and going all the way down to "Calculator" :-/

p.s. What the hell are StickyKeys? They come up whenever I press the shift key repeatedly.
thirdhand2:30am: Backspace and Delete.

With these two keys there is NOTHING I can't do.
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10th November 2003

iamaduck4:08pm: I miss ICQ
Speaking about life in general with ma cousine, I realized that ICQ is what started my keyboard-only, anti-mouse days. From the days back when 200+ user lists were common, and talking to 30 or more people at once was not considered to be unusual. I would not have to alt-tab through a variety of msgs looking for the person that had messaged me, I could just ctrl, shift, I and the person that messaged me first would appear and I could reply simply by pressing "p". If I wanted to look at the history first, I could use ctrl H and that would pop up my msg history. Then I could send the msg by pressing alt-s. Then the process would repeat itself.
My screen could be cleared from countless AIM messages while I was trying to accomplish a task, and the only bastardly blinking would be the little message symbol in the bottom right of my screen. It would not take up space on my taskbar, and I could access it easily. In addition, I could message people that weren't even online to talk to them and let them know if something momentous happened, and they would receive my message whenever they came back on the system, and they wouldn't have to leave their computer on in order to get important messages from people.
Damn. That was the most thought out and inventive program ever. Thank god I redownloaded it, I don't think I could survive without a little uh-oh in my day!
*misses ICQ* *wants to go play with it some more*
Current Mood: nostalgic
thirdhand3:03am: Ahh
I remember when I first learned about "Ctrl+c" and "Ctrl+v"

It was like God had come down from heaven and said "With this you can rule the world"

Now the keyboard is the only way to go. (I get angry when I use a program without keyboard shortcuts)

SOMEDAY I'll be good enough to play solitare. Until then I'll stick to SkiFree
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14th October 2003

iamaduck11:23pm: I wish I could go back to ICQ's heyday...
That was the origin of my wonderful antimouseness.
ALT+S to send messages...
ALT +R to reply to messages...
ALT +H for history... *misses it*

13th October 2003

spatulistic2:26am: Yay for Keyboards!
As a fellow mouse hater and keyboard whore, I just have this to say:

The windows key is my best friend ;)

God bless us,
watercircle12:40am: Hmmm... *thinks deeply*

Yes. Yes, this will do.

12th October 2003

iamaduck11:17pm: I hate mice. That's why I founded this community. To extol the virtues of not using a mouse, and to share knowledge of how to get around doing so while doing basic windows (or other OS) tasks :)
Such as playing solitaire without using the mouse.
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