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Free yourself from mousal tyranny!

Anti Mouse
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You never know when the 133t skillz with the keyboard can come in handy. Why, just the other day I was in the computer lab between classes. It was a busy place and there was only one computer available. So I sat down and the girl next to me leans over and says "The mouse doesn't work on the computer." I mearly shrugged and went to town jumping from webpage to webpage, even using AIM and Windows Media Payer all without a mouse at all. The girl was amazed and amused. But I didn't stop there. I preceeded to play Solitare without being hindered by a mouse (you can go much faster with the keyboard in Solitare). The girl was now awed. Yes, I get awe a lot.

The pros of throwing away your mouse:
  • Work goes much faster. (it's true!)

  • Keep your hands warm under that toasty blanket instead of out in the fridged air on top of that darn mouse.

  • Be able to use "broken" computers or cope when your mouse unexpectedly dies on you (which will happen someday).

  • For you laptop users, free yourselves from the miniscule square of a "touchpad".

  • And, of course, thrill your family and friends who will soon clamor at you to teach them what you can do.

  • So come all ye mice haters, dislikers, and those who have not yet been forsken by their mice, but who want to learn the art that is antimousism. It is fun! It is informative! It is just plain neat.

    Does this not sound like a community for you? Then simply press alt + f4 and we become only a blip in your short-term memory. But if this concept of unconformity is to your liking, just hit that tab key until you land on "join community" and become part of our little section of LJ web space. It makes us happy when you do.
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